Long Distance

How to make long distance work for you.

While access to the relay is free, you will still be charged for long distance calls made through the relay. If you have not selected a long distance carrier, long distance calls made through AZRS will be billed through Sprint.
As you choose your long distance provider, consider these steps:


1. Determine your call patterns

Do you call long distance often? Where do you call? In-state of out of state? What time of day do you call?


2. Shop around

Call different long distance companies and tell them your calling patterns. They may have a plan that matches well with the times and types of calls you make.


3. Choose the best rate plan that matches your call patterns

Inform the long distance carrier that you are a TTY/VCO user. Many long distance companies have TTY/VCO user discounts. Also tell them that you use the relay and want the same calling plan rates for your relay calls.


4. Call the AZRS Customer Service Department and tell them which long distance carrier you prefer to use

You should also tell them about any calling plans you have. With AZRS, you can set up a Customer Profile that automatically identifies your long distance carrier—and allows you to update that information if you change carriers.


5. Pay attention to rate changes

Long distance companies are competing for your business—and rate and calling plans are constantly changing. It’s a good idea to check with your carrier periodically and to shop around just to see if there is a new plan available that could save you money.

NOTE: If you do not call your carrier and let them know you are their customer—and that you use relay—you will be billed at a higher rate.