Special Calls

From international calling to directory assistance, AZRS allows you to make a variety of special calls to get in touch with the people you need to contact—and get the information you need.

911 Emergency Calls

In an emergency, call 9-1-1 or your local emergency service TTY number directly, without using the relay. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that 911 centers have TTYs and be prepared to handle emergency calls placed in this manner. Should you decide to use AZRS to place an emergency call, they will make every effort to assist you in an emergency. However, it is important to understand that relay centers are not 911 center and do not assume responsibility for emergency calls.


Directory Assistance

AZRS will relay calls between TTY uses and directory assistance operators. To find a number, ask the CA to dial directory assistance. At the beginning of the call, give the CA as much information as possible including area code, city and state if possible. 


Placing relay calls through pay phones

By order of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), relay providers are required to assist with calls made from coin-operated public pay phones.

Calls made from a pay phone are free. Just dial 7-1-1 (or the toll free TTY number for the relay in your state) and provide the CA with the number you wish to call.


International calling

AZRS offers international calling through the relay—to any place in the world. Before you place your relay call, please ensure that the person you will be contacting speaks English. (In some states, Spanish-to-Spanish and English-to-Spanish relay is available) If English is not spoken by the person you are calling, the call may not be able to be placed as AZRS does not have foreign language interpreters.


900 Numbers and Pay-Per-Call Services

AZRS allows you to call 900 numbers and other pay-per-call services through the relay.
900 calls are handled using the same procedures as standard numbers. Simply call 7-1-1 or the toll free number for the relay in your state and give the number to the CA. After the CA dials, your screen will show: "CA HERE THE NBR YOU CALLED WILL COST $__ PER ___ WILL YOU PAYQ GA." You will be billed for the call by the 900 service provider or your long distance carrier.

If you are calling from a restricted line, you must give the CA another way to bill the call. If you do not want these types of calls made from your telephone line through the relay, you can complete a customer profile form, which includes an option to block such calls through the relay from your phone. If someone tries to make such a call, the CA will receive a message at the workstation that the call is blocked and cannot be connected.