With HCO, you can listen directly to the person you are calling. Using a TTY (text telephone), you type your responses to the Communication Assistant (CA) who will speak for you. You enjoy the freedom of using your own ears—while borrowing our voice.

HCO is especially helpful for people with impaired speech, cerebral palsy or other speech disorder.


When making a Hearing Carry Over (HCO) call, dial 1-800-367-8939

An AZRS communication assistant (CA) will answer like this:

Using your TTY, type the number you want to call, also giving them the extension if necessary:
Pls call 602-555-1234 GA
Pls call 602-555-1234 x345 GA

The communication assistant will then dial the number, informing you of the call process as they connect your call:
DIALING 602-444-1234 RINGING 1... RINGING 2... RINGING 3...

When the call is answered, the communication assistant will begin relaying your call.

You will hear the communication assistant explain AZRS and HCO to the other person if they are unfamiliar with both.

The CA will then relay the call between yourself and your party; you will hear the standard phone user's spoken words and you will type your conversation. The CA will voice your typed response to the standard phone user. Remember to end each exchange with

"Go Ahead."

This is a turn-taking cue that informs both the communication assistant and your party when to respond.