Using Turbo Code

More natural conversation at full speed

AZRS offers Ultratec Turbo Code TTY devices to eligible relay users. This feature allows you to send information at the same speed at which it is typed. Parties can also interrupt each other, resulting in a more natural flow of conversation.


Interrupt Feature

Don’t want to wait for the CA to type a long recording? With the Turbo Code interrupt feature on your TTY, you can easily interrupt the CA’s typing and get on with your conversation.

Please check with the manufacturer to see if your TTY has the Turbo Code interrupt feature. Turbo Code is included at no charge on all Ultratec TTY units.


How to use Turbo Code Interrupt feature

TTY, VCO and HCO users who are connected in Turbo Code are able to use their interrupt feature with relay. You can use the interrupt feature to stop the CA from typing a long recording or use it to interrupt the person you are talking with.

Voice users cannot interrupt the TTY/VCO user because it causes garbling.

Turbo Code must be turned on for the interrupt function to work. Turbo Code is automatically turned on, so if you don’t want it to function, you will need to turn it off manually.

If your TTY is a Pro 80 model, press the "Interrupt" button to interrupt the CA’s typing. If your TTY does not have this button, press CRTL I on your keyboard to interrupt the CA.

When you use the Interrupt function, wait for the CA to type: (CA HERE) GA. It is very important to wait for the CA to acknowledge your interrupt and give you the GA. If you don’t, the conversation will garble. The CA will inform the other party that you are interrupting and will ask the person to hold.

Be sure there is conversation coming across your TTY screen when you interrupt the CA’s typing. If there is no text being transmitted across your TTY screen, the CA cannot see that you are interrupting.