Using Captioned Telephone

If you've ever missed out on what was said during a telephone call — you no longer need to. Now you can see what they say. Word by word, phrase by phrase, see your telephone conversation on-screen as you talk. It's called Captioned Telephone service. Best of all, there is no additional charge to receive telephone captions.

Simple and easy, the captioned telephone works like any other telephone with one important addition: it displays every word the caller says throughout your conversation. Captioned Telephone users can listen to the caller while reading the written captions on the phone’s bright display window.

To see how Captioned Telephone can work for you, just click here and select information for the state of Arizona.

Arizona residents may qualify to receive a Captioned Telephone at no charge.


To apply for a free CapTel phone, contact:

Arizona Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program
100 N. 15th Avenue, Suite 104
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
(602) 264-6876 TTY/Voice
(866) 223-3412 TTY/Voice
Fax: (602) 542-3380
Website: /home/aztedp